Stephanie Sharpley

London Health Sciences Centre - University Hospital

My name is Stephanie Sharpley and I am a Pathologists’ Assistant at University Hospital in London. I graduated from the Master of Clinical Science – Pathologists’ Assistant Program at Western University in June 2017, so I have been a practicing PA for almost 2 years. I am also one of the clinical preceptors for the PA Program at Western, as of May 2018. I thoroughly enjoy working at University Hospital because we are a tertiary care centre and receive a diverse range of surgical specimens, and we are also a forensic centre so we do a significant amount of interesting autopsy cases. I became a PA because I was passionate about both surgical grossing and autopsy, so I feel very fortunate that I was able work somewhere that offers both aspects of the profession – as well as teach, too! I am currently working toward obtaining my CCCPA and ASCP certifications.